Welcome to chat-and-match! We hope you take the time to have a little look around our amazing website! Hopefully, you have arrived at our website with the intention of finding incredible ladies to chat with within your country, maybe even in your local area! Now, if you found our website a bit by accident during your search for beautiful ladies to talk to, we are extremely happy you are here, reading this! Our website is dedicated to providing you with the best environment in which to chat with ladies in a safe, secure environment that looks out for everyone involved. Your safety and security are of the utmost importance to us and we want to make sure your chat experience is exciting, interesting, and, in the long term, fruitful!

What is Chat or What are Chat Rooms?

     If you have used a chat room before you can probably scroll down at this point or use this part to refresh your memory, especially if you have not used a chat room for some time. A chat room is as it sounds. A chat room is a safe, online environment in which people can have a conversation with each other. Whether you are one street away, in separate counties or states, or even in different countries, a chat room allows you to meet and converse with people at any given time. The reason chat rooms are so popular is that you can not only talk with people from all walks of life but you can do it from literally anywhere! Whether you are at work, on the train, or out for dinner with friends, you can always pick up your phone and start a conversation with a new person or continue chatting with someone you have already met (online). 

     A chat room acts like a text messaging system or social media messaging app. You can type quick messages, or longer ones, that can be read instantly by the other person. They can then reply in the same fashion. They are basically typed conversations, on the go! Chat rooms have really helped the dating game as you have a platform in which to chat with multiple people without them ever meeting. The other benefit of this is that it is expected in chat rooms, no one will be offended unless you start to become more serious! The other excellent feature is that you and the other person do not have to live anywhere near each other! You could start chatting with someone on the other side of the world and establish a connection that may otherwise not have happened! In basic terms, chat rooms are the future of dating and making cultural connections. If there is someone for everyone then someone could be waiting for you on the other side of the world, just one chat room away!

How Do You Get Started?

     Still here? Of course, you are! Now you are wondering how to get started and what we charge. The most important thing to remember is that you need to register to use our services, even the free aspects. Upon registering you will have access to all of our free services which include:

  • Profile registration. In basic terms, this gives you access to our site.
  • Monthly subscription. Yes, this is completely free! You are free to stop and start using our services whenever you like without having to pay.
  • Seeing profiles. On our website, you can look at a lady's profile and read about her without paying a single penny. This means you can ensure you have a good knowledge of a lady before starting a conversation with her. 
  • Sending winks. If you are interested in a lady's profile but are too shy or unsure whether to send her a message or not you can always send a wink. She will see this, read your profile (which we will talk about later), and decide whether to message you back!
  • Reading your messages. Some sites actually charge for this! If a lady sends you a message you can read it for free and decide whether or not to reply.
  • Customer support. This is one of the most important features we have. Whether you are having difficulty with a feature of the website or require some support or advice our customer support team is always there and will get back to you as soon as possible. We value your loyalty to us and we will do all we can to ensure you have the best, safest, and most enjoyable experience possible. 

There are other features at your disposal. These other features do cost money but who can put a price on finding friendship or love? It is important to remember that prices can vary, both rising and falling, so make sure to keep an eye on what happens. If you are ever in doubt please contact us with the email address provided.

  • Credits. These are used for features such as sending chat messages, sending longer messages (emails), photo messages, and more. 10 credits cost $15, 20 costs $25, 50 credits cost $57.50. 
  • Emails. If you decide to send an email to a lady rather than just instant messaging you will look to pay 1.5 credits (up to 750 symbols) or 3.5 credits (up to 6000 symbols). Both of these have access to free translator assistance if your preferred language is different from that of the lady. 
  • Chat messages. These vary in price depending on the size of the message you are sending. A short message will cost 0.5 credits whereas a longer message will cost 0.75 credits. 
  • Photo messages. These will cost 1 credit each time. Remember, you have the chance to have your photo on your profile so this feature will probably come into play when a chat becomes a bit more serious and you want to share more with the lady. 

Keep an eye out for any changes to these or other costs that may arise so that you have all the necessary information before/ during your time in our chat rooms. Remember, you can always email customer support for any information you may require. 

Online Profile Advice

     One of the most important aspects of using chat rooms, especially when looking for friendship or possibly love, is your profile. This is the first thing the other person will see and you want to make a good first impression! The lady may be searching through profiles, looking for someone to chat with or you could send a message to them and they want to find out more about you. Either way, your profile is vitally important as it tells prospective matches information about yourself. What you say in your profile could be the difference between a conversation starting and someone ignoring your presence. Here are a few tips for you to consider when making your chat room profile so that you give yourself the best chance possible to start chatting with some wonderful ladies!

  • A picture says a thousand words - your profile picture will be the first thing the lady looks at. While looks are definitely not everything, how you present yourself in your picture is. If you pose nude or naked you more than likely turn the ladies away as you come across arrogant and self-involved. Do not post yourself sitting on the bonnet of a sports car or showing off expensive items. You want the lady to want to talk to you for you, not because you appear wealthy. You will either push the ladies away or attract women who are only interested in what you can give them.
  • Honesty is the best policy - you must make sure that everything you say in your profile is honest. Trust us when we say that if you lie in your profile, about anything, you will get found out eventually! You might think that shaving a few years off of your age or over-exaggerating some skill is a beneficial thing to do. However, when your lady finds out the truth she will feel lied to and betrayed, not the best way to start any sort of relationship! Make sure the information you provide is full of truth and not over-exaggerated or false.
  • Be open….but not too much - this can be a tricky thing to achieve. Some profiles fail because they give far too much information that puts their life out there for all to see. Others fall down because they give very little information that does not spark any interest. You need to find a happy medium whereby the other person will know enough about you to become interested and want to communicate with you. If you tell someone too much in your profile then there is no mystery, nothing to discover. Make sure you re-read your profile to discover if it reads well!

These are just a few tips to make sure your profile is perfect!

Starting Chats 

     Starting a conversation in a chat room is quite different from starting one in real life. The main difference is that body language and physical cues are not part of the process when using a chat room. You cannot see the other person’s physical reactions to what you are saying such as their facial cues or how they hold themselves. The other biggest difference here is that you cannot see them which can put some people off, asking the question “How do I know they are who they say they are?”. To put your mind at ease our security team does regular checks on accounts to make sure that people are not lying about who they are. Not being able to see each other puts more importance on that opening remark. What you say for the first time can make or break your chances of finding someone to chat with. Here we look to provide you with some tips and advice on how to start an online chat. 

  1. ⏩ Never start with “Hey”, “Hi, how are you” or “Your picture is nice, you have beautiful eyes”. This will, more than likely, put the lady off immediately. Firstly, if you open with just a simple hello and/ or How are you, it only gives the impression that you do not care enough to make the effort to say something more interesting or attention-grabbing. If you refer to her looks, whether negatively or in a complementary capacity, it only gives her the impression that you are only interested in her appearance rather than who she is as a person. In simple terms, be interesting and don’t come across as superficial!
  2. ⏩ Ask about something specific - Starting with phrases like “I notice that” or “You mentioned in your profile that..” show that you have taken the time to look at their profile and find out a little about them. If they mention they like to travel, and you do too, you could ask where their dream destination is. Using their profile information is key to starting a successful conversation. It shows them that you are serious about chatting online but also that you were willing to spend time discovering about them so that you could engage in a meaningful conversation. This will show you are genuinely interested and thus you are more likely to get a response! We also feel that this shows that you already respect them before you have even spoken with them which is a huge positive!
  3. ⏩ Would you rather - would you rather questions, when clean and interesting, are perfect conversation starters! This will cause some thought on their part and is a creative way to get to know someone. You could ask questions like “Would you rather be able to control your future or change your past?” or “Would you rather have all the money in the world or all the time in the world?”. These are interesting and thought-provoking and, even if someone is unsure as to whether they want to converse with you, are likely to spark someone's interest enough to respond. These are also perfect ice-breakers as they give the other person an easy response to make. They can respond with an answer or repeat the question back to you. Don’t get into an “I asked you first” back and forth. If they don’t answer straight away then you need to understand they may need time or want to gauge who you are by listening to your answer first. 
  4. ⏩ Ask a general, open-ended question - These offer more chances for a conversation where you can get a better sense of what the other person is really like. Your first question could be as broad as “How is your life going right now?”. This can give you a lot of information and is something that anyone can answer. It also gives people the scope to give as much or as little information as they feel comfortable with. The hope is that they will respond with similar, open-ended questions. However, exercise caution if they only talk about themselves!
  5. ⏩ Deep questioning - be careful as this can be a tricky one to navigate so early on. You may want to dive right in with a deep question such as “What is the most meaningful thing to happen to you in your life so far”. The response you get could be flippant or sincere but it will give you a good measure of the person. The issue here is that you do not want to put the other person off or prevent them from responding. If you want to go deep then use their profile information to inform the question you would like to ask. 

These are just a couple of ideas. Making your first message feel like a normal question, such as asking about what film to watch or what to have for dinner, will make the lady feel more at ease. She can respond in a humorous fashion or give a serious response. Either way, you have a response and it is something you can build on. Make sure you give your first message some thought and remember these tips:

  • ⏩ Be respectful - you must treat the lady online in the same way you would in ‘the real world’. Be polite, listen, and respond accordingly. We would say that respect is the number one factor to keep in mind when chatting online.
  • ⏩ No rude jokes - keep it clean, this includes photos, jokes, and comments. You do not want them to think you are rude or only thinking about one thing. 
  • ⏩ Make it interesting - a bored lady is a lady who walks away from your conversations and seeks more interesting people to talk to. You need to keep her interested by asking insightful, open questions and listening carefully. Demonstrate that you have listened through making relevant comments, and asking questions relating to previous conversations or what you see in her profile.
  • ⏩ Make it relevant - don’t focus on the past or comment on something completely irrelevant. She needs to know that you are interested in her and not clutching at straws. 

Security in Chat Rooms

     When using any online service your security should be the most important thing to you. You should always feel that, while using an online site or system, your best interests and safety are paramount. At chat-and-match we make sure that all of your personal data is kept safe and secure, only the information that you provide on your profile can be seen by others. We also ensure that thorough background checks are done when a new member joins to make sure that they are not known for any negative reasons such as fraud or inappropriate behavior. Our support team works tirelessly to make sure that all accounts are real and not being used for catfishing purposes. We deal with any issues quickly and effectively to ensure that all of our members have the best experience. Our team monitors actively closely and will look for patterns of inappropriate behavior. The most important security feature at our disposal is in fact you and all of our members. We make sure to listen to any feedback we receive and will act upon it to make sure that our site is the best it can be while providing our members with the service they deserve.

Chat Rooms Tips & Advice 

     Our advice is actually more related to what you are talking about. Everything we said in the ‘starting chats’ section is relevant throughout - be respectful, listen, etc. There is a fine line here between asking interesting questions and interviewing, telling stories and talking about yourself too much, sharing your interests, and being overbearing. Most of your conversations online will be one of two approaches - stories about yourself (mostly) or questions.  Stories about yourself need to be interesting and, more often than not, positive. Using smiley emojis will show your connection with your happy tale. Having a couple of stories in mind before a conversation is a must so that you are prepared! Here are some interesting topics to chat with ladies online about:

  • ✌ Ask questions about the events of the day/ week. These are open and interesting and she is likely to respond in a similar way. These are also good because the answer doesn’t require much thought or a need to be funny or interesting. 
  • ✌ Discuss your, and her, plans for the upcoming weekend. This shows you are interested in what they are going to be doing and gives you both the opportunity to share ideas. In the future, depending on where both live you may be able to make plans together. 
  • ✌ Memories or funny stories from your childhood are always good! These could invoke questions or encourage her to talk more about her childhood. Connections could be made here and/ or this could help the conversation stay flowing. However, if she seems reluctant to share tales of her childhood do not push, you never know what someone has been through until they tell you. They may not have many happy stories. 
  • ✌ If you’ve read her profile or have chatted for a bit already, discussing common interests and hobbies is the perfect way to get to know someone while discussing something familiar for both of you.
  • ✌ A story from your day/ week. You could ask for advice as a way to get her to relax into the conversation by offering you support. People often find it easier to give advice about something and enjoy helping others. 
  • ✌ Something random! This could depend on your interests but talk about a new recipe, the weather (but not in a boring way!), new jokes, films, music, news (not politics….not yet!) or any new exercises you should try. This ‘normal’ conversation is the best way to make a connection but make sure it does not become mundane!

Here are some of the no-go areas and approaches. Remember, you do not want your online chat to feel like an interview.

  • ❌ Don’t be rude. Rude comments or jokes are surefire ways to make the lady disconnect. Asking her what size she wears or telling a lude joke is a definite no!
  • ❌ Don’t be too direct, especially in the beginning! Asking who she voted for, how much money she makes, or if she had a Covid-19 jab is a bit too forward. These questions can come in time or if the topic of conversation lends itself to asking these questions but until then don’t go there!
  • ❌ Don’t be boring. Questions like do you like films or do you like listening to music will give you one of two responses….yes or no. Yawn! Keep it interesting and thought-provoking. The last thing you want is for her to be bored and seek out someone else!
  • ❌ What did you do today? Yikes! Is your online date a child who has been to school? No! This question is boring and will invoke a boring response…if you get one! Change it up with “Tell me one thing that made you smile today” or “Tell me how I could improve your day”. 
  • ❌ It is also important to mention that you need to think carefully about any photos attached to your profile. Photos with family or pets always go down well as they show you as a real person and also show your principles. Funny, but not rude, photos are also good! Make sure you are fully dressed and not showing off (your body or possessions). You do not want to come across as arrogant or materialistic. 

Well, we hope this gives you a small insight into our website, what we offer, and how we can help you! If you have any questions or queries please send us an email or give us a call! All that is left for you to do is to get yourself registered and begin your chatting experience! Good luck and enjoy!