Europe Chat Rooms

     Chat rooms are a wonderful thing! Since their initial creation in the late 1980’s they have gone from being a simple text-based platform to users being able to share photographs and even talk with each other in live stream. Here at, we aim to match people with like-minded others so that they can experience the power of a chat room. Now, our service aims to put you in touch with others whether from the same town, county/area, same country, or even the same continent. You can literally strike up a conversation with someone from the other side of the world. We know, amazing right?

Some of you out there may be wondering what a chat room is on a dating site. In short, it is an instant messaging platform much like Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. You type messages to another person, and they see it in real-time and respond. See it as a typed conversation. Our European chat rooms help people connect with those who live throughout the extensive continent of Europe. Our chat rooms are a safe, interesting place for people to have a chat and establish a friendship and in time, maybe (!), something more! In this article, we will give you some advice and ideas in relation to the first message, your profile photos, questions, topics, and how to be safe. 

How to Write a Great First Message and Why It Matters

     When you meet someone for the first time face-to-face it is understandable when the first thing you say is ‘Hi’. You both understand how nervous each of you are and you can sort of laugh about it together. However, this pressure is different in our European chat rooms. You are not looking at the other person which takes away that pressure but you want to make sure they do not disconnect from your chat!  Below are a few bits of advice for how to start a conversation in our European chat rooms

  • Starting with the basics. You can always start a conversation with a simple ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’. For some recipients, they may appreciate the ‘normal conversation’ approach. However, the majority of people out there may see this as an unimaginative way of starting a chat. Be careful, you can try and go with the simple starters but they may backfire!
  • Use a specific opening comment or question. Being more specific is more likely to get you a response, especially if your comment is relevant and interesting. If you use phrases such as ‘I notice that…’ or ‘You have written in your profile that’ you are demonstrating to the other person that you have looked at their profile and genuinely paid attention to what it says. If they’ve mentioned their passion for cooking and you ask what they enjoy cooking the most they will appreciate your thoughtful approach. This genuine interest is likely to get you a response. 
  • Language. If you are in our European chat rooms it is possible that you and the other person may not have the same first language. This should not hold you back. You can use Google Translate to write a message to the other person, possibly any of the conversation starters we suggest. This will show how you want to make a connection and will not let a language barrier get in the way. One piece of advice though, make it clear to them early on that you are using a translation tool. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, it shows your honesty. The second is that, while translation tools are great, grammatical errors or meaning could be a bit lost and you do not want to offend the other person or come across in a rude way. 
  • Would you rather have questions? These act a bit like icebreakers as long as you keep them clean and interesting. They provoke thought and are likely to get you a response. You could ask things like “Would you rather travel around Europe or America?”, “Would you rather have telekinesis (move things with your mind) or telepathy (read minds)?” or “Would you rather swim in a pool of maple syrup or a pool of Nutella?”.  We bet you are saying your answers out loud right now! You are almost certain to get a response as these questions are either fun, interesting or both to answer!
  • Deep questioning. This can be highly effective but is also a risk. If you ask too deep a question straight away you could scare the other person away before the conversation even begins. However, if you pitch it right you could have the start of a wonderful relationship. You could open with “What is the most meaningful thing to happen in your life so far?”. Be careful not to overstep the mark!
  • General, open-ended questioning. These are likely to get you a response that gives you a good insight into what the other person is really like. This could be as simple as “How is your life going right now?”. Their answers can give you a lot of information while relieving them of any pressure. However, make sure to remember that if they only talk about themselves and do not return the questions you may want to reconsider chatting with them. 

While the above tips generally concern your opening message there are some other things to remember when it comes to all of your messages.

  1. Be respectful — you must treat the other person the same way online as you would in ‘the real world’. Be polite, listen, and respond accordingly. We would say that respect is the number one factor to keep in mind when chatting to anyone online.
  2. No rude jokes — keep it clean, this includes photos, jokes, and comments. If you are rude, whether as a joke or not, you are likely to lose the other person as they will feel you do not respect them. 
  3. Make it interesting — a bored person is a person who walks away from your conversations. You need to keep their interest by asking insightful, open questions and listening carefully. Demonstrate that you have listened through making relevant comments, and asking questions relating to previous conversations or what you see in their profile.
  4. Make it relevant — don’t focus on the past or comment on something completely irrelevant. They need to know that you are interested in them and not clutching at straws.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

     In the case of online chat rooms, a picture can either lead to a thousand words shared or cause zero interest. You may not realize it but your photo is of vital importance. No, we do not mean that people will judge your appearance (they might) but this will be the first thing they look at and it could make or break your chances of a conversation taking place. Let’s talk about must-have photos for your dating profile and common mistakes to avoid making in your photos so as not to deter people from talking with you!

The Do's and Don'ts of Dating Profile Photos

Do’s Donts
⏩ Choosing the main picture for your dating profile is crucial because it's often the first impression potential matches will have of you. Choose a Classic or Modern Headshot. Ensure that your main picture is clear and high-resolution. Your main picture should ideally be a solo shot of you. Choose a picture where you're smiling naturally and where you're looking directly at the camera. Wear an outfit that makes you look your best and suits your style. Opt for a clean, neutral background or one that complements your image. Ensure that your main picture is recent and represents how you currently look. Using outdated photos can lead to disappointment when you meet someone in person. Good lighting can make a significant difference in how you appear in photos. Natural light is often the most flattering. X The wrong kind of selfie - we all love a good selfie but if you post the wrong one it could cause you to lose potential matches in our European chat rooms. If your selfie is you very drunk it doesn’t show that you like a good time but that you are not very mature. Any selfies you take need to be of a mature nature while showing that you are enjoying yourself. Tread carefully and think before you post!
⏩ Show your active lifestyle - if you play sports or are interested in fitness then show this in your photos. It provides a topic of conversation while also showing a potential link you could have with each other. We do not mean that you should have a photo of you flexing your muscles. If you play rugby, put up a photo of you playing. X Think about what you are wearing - we do not mean that you need to be draped in Versace. You need to make sure you are not semi-naked or naked in your photos. You may have a fantastic figure, lucky you(!), but your European counterpart wants to get to know you as a person, not see your body! If you do this you will either attract the wrong sort of person or make people think you are vain and only into looks. Make sure you are appropriately dressed in your photos so that other people see you for you.
⏩ Your interests and hobbies - photos of you doing something you love is another great photo to use. They show the other person a little bit about who you are and what you enjoy doing. If the photo is of you in the kitchen cooking they may ask you about your love for cooking, what you were cooking, or something else food-related. Either way, these photos provide a topic of conversation. Choose a picture that reflects your authentic self. Trying to be someone you're not can lead to mismatched expectations when you meet in person. X You may be lucky enough to be wealthy, or you may want to appear wealthy. Either way, showing off in this manner in your photos is a definite no. Photos of you straddling an expensive car, flashing expensive properties, or lying with a lot of money do not make you look attractive, well not to the right sort of people! Most people will think you are superficial and will not want to waste time on someone who appears to only care about material things and money.
⏩ Animals - who can resist their furry little faces. If you have pets and you post a photo of you with them not only does it provide another topic of conversation but will also attract other animal lovers. X They need to be able to see you - make sure you are not kneeling or squatting down. You need to be completely visible or they may think you are hiding something!

Remember, a great main pic can grab attention, but a complete and well-written profile gives people a better idea of who you are. Be honest, genuine, and respectful when talking to people online, and you'll have a better chance of finding meaningful connections.

To Ask or Not to Ask, That Is the Question!

Asking questions is the fabric of life, the basis of every aspect of our day-to-day living. On average we, adults, ask around 25 to 35 questions a day(!) so we need to make sure they count. You want to make sure your European match does not feel like they are being interviewed but rather an equal part of an interesting conversation. Here are some questions that you should consider if you want to make a meaningful connection in our Europe chat rooms. 

  • How are you?’ - Now this is not suitable for a first message but is still a good question sometimes. Once a connection is made you can ask your European friend how they are, how their day has been etc. which shows your genuine interest in them. Proceed with caution, you do not want them to get bored or irritated by repeating the same question.
  • Asking about their family - Remember, Europeans and family go hand in hand. In the beginning, you can ask about their siblings, where they grew up, etc. However, make sure you are not too personal with these questions as you do not want them to feel forced into giving information they are not ready to share. 
  • Day-to-day life - ask your new European friend about their job. If you are unaware of their line of work you can ask questions that give a bit more information. This shows you are interested in their work and not just the social aspects. If you are in a similar line of work you could share stories. Just make sure you do not get too personal such as asking how much they earn. 
  • Tell me one thing that….questions. As long as you are not rude or intrusive these can be excellent, especially as an opening question. ‘Tell me one thing that made you smile today’ is excellent and can be answered in as little or as much detail as is desired. Europeans do not like to be mocked so make sure you do not joke about their answers. Respect what they have to say!

Sometimes it is what we do not say or ask that is important. There are some questions you will want to avoid in order to keep the conversation going! Here are just a few to remember.

  1. Don’t be intrusive - yes, you will want to find out more about your European friend but there is showing interest and there is prying. Intrusive questions are those that have an answer of a very personal nature such as ‘How much money do you earn each month?’. This doesn’t show interest but more of a dig into their personal life. Some intrusive questions can be asked but much later when a connection is made. You can ask about past relationships or interests in having children when you and your European friend have a more established connection. 
  2. Sex - Europeans will not want to share any information about their sex lives, at least not until they have a very secure relationship. If you ask questions of this nature you are likely to scare the other person away. Our European users want to match with people based on trust and mutual respect.
  3. Stay relevant and interesting - Yes, you can ask general questions about their day or what the weather is like where they are but not all the time. If these sorts of questions are the foundation of all your conversations your new connection will quickly become an old connection. Europeans are laid back but they do not want to be bored!

Just remember if you think you should not say it or ask it then it's probably best not to!

Engaging Conversation Topics for a Dating Chat

     When you are chatting with friends and family, pretty much any topic is fair game unless you already know it will cause upset or arguments. You can enter into a debate knowing that everyone will still be friendly at the end. The same cannot be said about particular topics in a chat room. You need to make sure you pick your topics wisely, you do not want to upset or offend someone as this could drive them away. Here are a few topics that could be successful or are appropriate to discuss in our Europe chat rooms.

The Do's and Don'ts Chatting in Europe Chat Rooms

Do’s Donts
⏩ Ask about their day or week - it is completely fine to ask the other person how their day has been or what their week has been like. This topic is okay as it is general conversation but make sure not to rely on this as it can get pretty boring. Asking what the weather is like in Montreal is fine but if you ask every day it gets mundane. You can switch it up a bit, instead of asking how their day has been you could ask ‘What made you smile today?’. X It is important to remember that some areas are a definite no. You do not want to cause upset, anger, or distress. You also do not want to cause the other person to stop talking with you!
⏩ Future plans - no, not those future plans unless you and your European buddy are entering into a more serious, romantic relationship. Ask them what their plans are for the weekend, and discuss where you are going and what you are doing. If you have established that you have similar interests this can make the conversation one that flows. If you both live in Europe these conversations could lead to joint plans together. X Being rude in general - if you use foul language or consistently tell rude or inappropriate stories/ jokes you are likely to use your European counterpart. Europeans have a great sense of humor but do not appreciate this sort of behavior.
⏩ Ask about Europe - if you are not European then the perfect topic for you to bring up is Europe. They will feel comfortable being able to talk about their own country which gives them the chance to ask insightful questions and learn new information. You can also discuss where you are from and the conversation will have a good back and forth with you both asking questions and making comparisons. X Politics and religion - Unless you enter into one of our religion chat rooms then these two areas are probably best to avoid, at least for now. Politics and religion can be very divisive, especially when two people do not have a connection that they want to keep. In short, both of you may be less tolerant of differing views with someone new. Avoid these topics until your connection is strong enough to withstand any disagreements.
⏩ Childhood - you can discuss your childhood and the events of your life as you grew up but tread carefully. If they did not have a positive experience and are not ready to share this with you yet they may be withdrawn or cut off from this topic. Do this carefully, maybe mentioning funny or interesting stories but do not push for information if it is clear they do not want to give it. X Overly direct or personal - asking how much they earned last year or whether they had all of the COVID-19 jabs are not only extremely personal but are asking for information most people do not wish to share. You do not want your European friends to feel like you are interviewing them or searching for personal information.

Random topics are good - we do not just mean the weather. You could talk about a film you have seen, your favorite artist's latest album, or the amazing recipe you are going to try. You need to keep the conversations relevant and interesting so do not fixate on one topic all of the time!

When you have spent some time chatting with your European friend and you have established a secure friendship you can broach topics that may be a little more touchy or fragile. You should also ask if it is okay to discuss these things or make clear your intentions e.g. “I am thinking of getting a job in a similar field to you, what is the average yearly income?”. No matter which topic you discuss you must make sure you do so respectfully. 

Your Safety in a Chat is Paramount

Some people enter the online world and suddenly feel the same rules in the real world no longer apply. This is certainly not the case. When using our European chat rooms your first priority should be to make sure you are safe. You also want to make sure that the other person feels safe as well. Now, at we do everything within our power to make sure all of our users not only feel safe but are safe at all times. We have a contact service for any issues that arise and monitor our users, making sure they have not had any prior instances of abusing others. Here are some things to consider to make sure you are safe.

  • Bank details - You would not walk up to a complete stranger in the street and give them your sort code, account number, and the four-digit pin for your bank card. The same rules apply when using our online chat rooms. In all honesty, if someone is genuinely interested in making a connection with you they will not be asking you for financial assistance in any way. People who do this can sometimes be very clever. They will make you feel sorry for them and create a desire to help them. If you notice this happening you have three options. 1. Give them the money, this is a massive risk that could cause you financial and/ or mental health issues. 2. Call them out on it and ask what their intentions are etc but be warned, if they want to scam you for your money they will lie convincingly or 3. Stop the chat immediately and contact us!
  • Photos - this is becoming an ever-growing issue in the online world. People share inappropriate photos of themselves with others. They do this because they think the other person is genuinely interested/ in love with them or to get positive attention. More often than not all that happens is the sender feels bad or dirty for sending such a photo and ends up regretting it a great deal. These photos could be used for any number of inappropriate purposes that could ruin your career and your mental health. 
  • Meeting offline - be careful and make sure you have established a long-term relationship and are happy that they are who they say they are. We check our members thoroughly but we do not know them as a person. If the time comes that you both agree to meet offline you should also agree to have chaperones, and meet during the day and in a public place. Please do not be scared by this part. We hope that 100% of matches can lead to meeting offline and establishing long-term, successful relationships. If someone asks to meet offline after only a few days then this could be a red flag.

We hope that you have found this article regarding our European chat rooms interesting and informative. We want all of our members to have the best experience possible while using our services. Just remember to always chat in a respectful, kind manner and in a way that you would like to be treated. Good luck in our European chat rooms and we hope you find someone you can make a long-lasting connection with!