Singles Chat Rooms

     The world of dating is not an easy one to navigate, not for all of us anyway! These days it is harder for singles to meet due to work commitments or the idea of trying to chat someone up in a nightclub being too much to think about! The other thing to consider here is that it is not that easy to walk up to a stranger and introduce yourself. Not only does this take a lot of courage but the possibility of a face-to-face rejection causes most people to shy away from such an act. That being said, the online world has been a game-changer for singles worldwide. Singles can now meet each other from the comfort of their own home. This is all done in the wonderful realm of singles chat rooms.

     Now, it is possible, although unlikely, that some of you out there might be wondering what a chat room actually is. Think of it as a conversation that you type. Just like WhatsApp or texting you send a message, and they read it and respond accordingly.  If you are both online the messages flow just like a spoken conversation. If the other person is offline they will see your message when they are back. The other positive thing here is that you can chat from wherever you are, as long as you have WiFi and a device that connects to the internet!
     It is important to remember that rejection is still a possibility. However, it could be argued that it is easier to deal with online. Unlike the real world, the likelihood that you will bump into an online single that rejected you is nil, it will not happen, and if you see their profile pop up again you can move on. Singles chat rooms are full of positives. You can meet, and talk with, many people at the same time. In fact, it is expected that you will both be talking to a few other people. No one will be offended until you take your relationship to the next level i.e. meet offline! It could also be said that people feel less nervous talking through a keyboard for the first time rather than face-to-face. You can take your time when thinking about what to say! This article will look at the dos and don’ts of our single chat rooms, starting with the first message!

First Impressions Count for Everything

     We can all agree that we make first impressions very quickly. When you meet someone new it is said that an impression is made in a tenth of a second. In an online chat room, it probably takes a bit longer as you don’t see body language hear intonation, etc. While your singles chat rooms are based on written messages a first impression is still vitally important. Here are a couple of ideas for your first message.

  • Stick to what you know — there is nothing like the basics in our singles chat rooms but make sure you are not too boring! You can use the everyday approach such as saying “Hello, how are you?”. However, you need to be careful when using the everyday approach as this could be seen as lacking creativity. It could be said that you should combine the basics with some of the other tips we have below. 
  • Be specific with your opening comment — being more specific is more likely to get you a response, especially if what you say is very interesting and relevant. If you use phrases such as ‘I notice that…’ or ‘You have written in your profile that’ you are showing the other person that you have taken time and care to look through their information and find out more about them. It also demonstrates your genuine interest in them and that you want to find out more. Be specific and avoid being too vague. This approach will get you a response as long as your specificity is not taken as rude or invasive. 
  • Would you rather have questions — these can be excellent ice-breakers, especially in our singles chat rooms, as they are either funny, thought-provoking, or both! Asking questions like would you rather have all the money in the world or be immortal? Would you rather have £50,000,000 right now or be 15 again with everything you know now? Would you rather get married on the moon or under the sea? Okay, so the last one is a bit of fun but is still a question that could get a response! Just make sure you keep these sorts of questions clean and polite!
  • Deep questioning - now, you must be careful with this one as you do not want to ask questions that could be deemed prying or digging too deep! If you ask someone how much money they make each month or why they have never been married you run the risk of offending the other person and our UK members certainly don’t want to feel they are being grilled! You could ask ‘What is the most meaningful event in your life so far’. These questions can be highly effective but also risky, think carefully. 
  • General, open-ended questioning — these are excellent but make sure you do not rely on them too often. A simple ‘What has been the best part of your day?’ or ‘What makes you smile?’ is open-ended enough that the other person feels comfortable answering them while understanding that they can give as much or as little information as they wish. 

While the above tips generally concern your opening message there are some other things to remember when it comes to all of your messages.

  • Be respectful.  You must treat the other person the same way online as you would in ‘the real world’. People in our singles chat rooms will not appreciate rude comments and want to be treated with respect during their search for love. We would say that respect is the number one factor to keep in mind when chatting to anyone online.
  • No rude jokes.  Everyone likes a good joke but you must keep them clean, at least in the beginning until you know the other person well enough! Make sure you keep away from rude comments, jokes, and photos (more on these later) so that you do not come across as too much of a joker or someone who is always rude. If you are rude then you will lose other singles who could otherwise have been a potential match.  
  • Make it interesting.  A bored person is a person who walks away from your conversations. You need to keep their interest by asking insightful, open questions and listening carefully. Demonstrate that you have listened through making relevant comments, and asking questions relating to previous conversations or what you see in their profile. All singles appreciate being listened to and will spot when this is not happening.
  • Make it relevant.  Don’t focus on the past or comment on something completely irrelevant. Singles do not want to hear about your romantic past, at least not in the beginning. They need to know that you are interested in them and not clutching at straws or talking too much about yourself!

The Importance of a Photo in Your Dating Profile. It Could Make or Break Your Chances!

      In an online chat room, a picture can either lead to a thousand words being shared or complete silence (this is not good in a single chat room!). Your photo is of vital importance and we do not mean that people will judge your appearance (they might). This will be the first thing they look at and it could make or break your chances of a conversation taking place. It is said that it takes a person less than a second to make a judgment about a person. It could be said this is even quicker when looking at a photo. Let’s focus on what will be relevant and what to avoid doing in your photos so as not to deter our singles chat room users from talking with you!

  • Your primary picture should be a high-quality portrait of you. You should avoid wearing hats or sunglasses. These open photos show you have nothing to hide and make your profile far more genuine. 
  • Show your active lifestyle. If you play sports, are interested in fitness, or enjoy active pursuits then show this. These photos provide a topic of conversation from the outset and help make a connection before a conversation even starts. It is important that you understand we do not suggest you pose a photo of you flexing your muscles, semi-naked. If you play a sport then have a photo of you doing this. 
  • Show your interests and hobbies. Photos of you doing something you love are definitely a positive in our singles chat rooms. They show the other person a little bit about who you are as a person and what you enjoy doing. If you have a photo of you outside a theatre they may ask about your interest in shows, which is your favorite etc. Confidence is key in attracting other people so make sure your photos show this!
  • Friends, family, and animals. These photos give credibility to your account while giving other people an insight into your background. If you have pets, a photo with them is a great place to start. It will attract questions as well as other animal lovers! Let's be honest, who can resist their furry little faces!!

Sometimes it is what you don’t post that is more important! Here are some photo faux pas to avoid!

  • There is such a thing as the wrong kind of selfie! If your selfie shows you being drunk or doing something unsafe it will put off potential connections. These sorts of selfies paint you in a bad light and you will find our singles chat rooms a very lonely place. Make sure any selfies you post are of a mature nature. 
  • You do not want to appear materialistic or that you want to show off your wealth and possessions. If you are lucky enough to be wealthy or have a beautiful car it is important that you do not use this as a way of enticing people to talk with you. It will probably do the complete opposite as our single users are not interested in your material aspects but more who you are as a person. Refrain from showing off your wealth, whether it is you sitting on the bonnet of a sports car or flashing an expensive watch. Doing this may attract the wrong sort of person. 
  • Think about what you are wearing. We do not mean that you need to be draped in Versace or wear very expensive jewelry. You also need to make sure you are not semi-naked or naked in your photos. You may have a fantastic figure, and all props to you. However, your single counterpart wants to get to know you as a person, not see your body ... at least not yet! If you do post photos like these you will either attract the wrong sort of person or make people think you are vain and only into looks. Make sure you are appropriately dressed in your photos so that other people see you for you.
  • They need to be able to see you.  Make sure you are not kneeling or squatting down. Too many people use these photos to hide something about themselves. You need to be completely visible or they may think you are hiding something! Ensure that the photo is current and relevant! No photos from 10 years ago!

One of the most important things you need to consider is the quality of your photos. They need to be clear and honest. Do not try to hide anything or show yourself as something you are not. If you are serious about attracting other singles to talk with you then you must make sure you are genuine, polite, and respectful with your photos. 

Questions — The most Fundamental Aspect of any Conversation!

     Asking questions is the basis of every aspect of our day-to-day living. On average we, as adults, ask around 25 to 35 questions a day(!) so we need to make sure that they all count. You want to make sure your singles match does not feel like they are being interviewed or interrogated but rather an equal part of an interesting conversation. Questions are vitally important in our singles chat rooms as questions are the only way each of you will decide whether a connection is possible! Here are some questions that you should consider if you want to make a meaningful connection in our singles chat rooms. 

  • ‘How are you today?’. Now this is not suitable for a first message but is still a good question once a connection is made. You can ask your new single friend how they are, how their day has been etc which shows your genuine interest in them and how they are. Proceed with caution though as you do not want them to get bored or irritated by repeating the same question. Singles want to make connections, not create barriers!
  • Asking about their family. We are sure that most singles will happily discuss their family and friends and will want to hear about yours. When you first start chatting you can ask about their siblings, where they grew up etc. However, make sure you are not too personal with these questions as you do not want them to feel forced into giving information they are not ready to share. Ask general questions until you are both ready to share more. It is important to remember that the other person will feel more comfortable offering the information rather than you trying to get it from them.
  • Day-to-day life - ask your new single friend about their job or hobbies. If you are unaware of their line of work you can ask questions that give a bit more information. This shows you are interested in their work and not just the social aspects. If you are in a similar line of work you could share stories. Just make sure you do not get too personal such as asking how much they earn or why they haven’t been promoted yet. Hobbies are a great conversation topic. They are easy to discuss and give you a lot of information about the other person. 
  • Tell me one thing that….questions. As long as you are not rude or intrusive these can be excellent, especially as an opening question. ‘Tell me one thing that made you smile today’ is excellent and can be answered in as little or as much detail as is desired. All singles will want to feel heard and not mocked so make sure to be considerate. Respect what they have to say and they will speak with you more!

Sometimes it is what we do not say or ask that is most important. There are some questions you will want to make sure to avoid in order to keep the conversation going! Here are just a few to consider.

  • Don’t be intrusive — yes, you will want to find out more about your newly single friend but there is being interested and then there is prying. Intrusive questions are those that have an answer that is very personal such as ‘How much money do you earn each month?’. This doesn’t show interest but more of a dig into their personal life. Some intrusive questions can be asked but much later when a connection is made. You can ask about past relationships or interests in having children when you and your single friend have a more established connection. However, tread carefully here as most singles will not want to talk about past relationships or goals for the future until they have met you offline and made a connection based on trust and mutual respect. 
  • Sex — Most singles will not want to share any information about their sex lives, at least not until they have a very secure relationship as this is very private information. If you ask questions of this nature you are likely to scare the other person away. Our single users want to match with people based on trust and mutual respect.
  • Stay relevant and interesting — Yes, you can ask general questions about their day or what the weather is like where they are…but not all the time(!). If these sorts of questions are the foundation of all your conversations your new connection will quickly become an old connection. Our singles chat room users want to have a conversation that flows back and forth, not one that is full of one-person waffling!

Just remember, if it sounds wrong to ask or discuss…. then it probably is! Think carefully about what you are asking. One tip when you are asking a question is to consider how you would feel if you were asked the same question.

Topics That Are Okay and Topics to Avoid!

     What to talk about is a key aspect of our singles chat rooms. You want to make sure your conversations are interesting and give you the best chance of making a connection.

  • Ask questions about the events of the day and/ or week. These are open and interesting and they are likely to respond in a similar way. Do not focus on your own experiences all the time, make sure the conversation is fair!
  • You could discuss your, and their, plans for the upcoming weekend. This is a good way to find out about each other's social lives. Who knows? Eventually, these may turn into joint plans together.
  • Memories or funny stories from your childhood. These could invoke questions or encourage them to talk about their childhood. Make sure not to dig too deep into their life, especially if they are reluctant to share. 
  • Something random! This could depend on your interests but talk about a new recipe, the weather (but not for long), new jokes, films, music, news (not politics….not yet!), or any new exercises you should try. 
  • If you’ve read their profile or have chatted for a bit already, discussing common interests and hobbies is the perfect way to get to know someone while discussing something familiar for both of you. 

There are definitely some topics that need to be avoided. Some always need avoiding, and some just until your friendship is more secure.

  • Don’t be rude. Rude comments or jokes are surefire ways to make them disconnect. Our users want to feel respected. 
  • Don’t be too direct, especially in the beginning! Asking who they voted for, how much money they make, or if they had a Covid-19 jab is a bit too forward. These questions can come in time or if the topic of conversation lends itself to asking these questions. 
  • What did you do today? This question is boring and will invoke a boring response…if you get one! Change it up with “Tell me one thing that made you smile today”.

Politics and religion are those topics that can be a bit of a touchy subject. Make sure you only broach these subjects when the time is right and the relationship is secure.

Everyone's Safety is the Most Important Thing to Remember!

      Some people enter the online world and suddenly feel they can act very differently online than in the real world and that this is okay. This is certainly not the case. When using our singles chat rooms your first priority should be to make sure you are safe. You also want to make sure that the other person feels safe as well. Now, at we do everything within our power to make sure all of our users not only feel safe but are safe at all times. We have a contact service for any issues that arise and monitor our users, making sure they have not had any prior instances of abusing others. Here are some things to consider to make sure you are safe.

  1. Bank details. You would not walk up to a complete stranger in the street and give them your sort code, account number, and the four-digit PIN for your bank card. The same rules apply when using our online singles chat rooms. In all honesty, if someone is genuinely interested in making a connection with you they will not be asking you for financial assistance in any way. People who do this can sometimes be very clever. They will make you feel sorry for them and create a desire to help them. If you notice this happening you have three options. 1. Give them the money, this is a massive risk that could cause you financial and/ or mental health issues. 2. Call them out on it and ask what their intentions are etc but be warned, if they want to scam you for your money they will lie convincingly or 3. Stop the chat immediately and contact us!
  2. Photos. This is becoming an ever-growing issue in the online world. People share inappropriate photos of themselves with others. They do this because they think the other person is genuinely interested, in love with them or to get positive attention. More often than not all that happens is the sender feels bad or dirty for sending such a photo and ends up regretting it a great deal. These photos could be used for any number of inappropriate purposes that could ruin your career and your mental health. It is important that you keep your photos safe and do not share any risque photos. 
  3. Meeting offline. This is the most likely goal for our singles chat room users. Be careful and make sure you have established a long-term relationship and are happy that they are who they say they are. We check our members thoroughly but we do not know them as a person. If the time comes that you both agree to meet offline you should also agree to have chaperones, and meet during the day and in a public place. Please do not be scared by this part. We hope that 100% of matches can lead to meeting offline and establishing long-term, successful relationships. If someone asks to meet offline after only a few days, this could be a red flag so always make sure to think carefully and protect yourself.

We hope that you have found this article regarding our singles chat rooms interesting and informative. We want all of our members to have the best experience possible while using our services. Just remember to always chat in a respectful, kind manner and in a way that you would like to be treated. We aim to provide a platform in which singles from all over the world can meet, have a conversation, and make meaningful connections that eventually lead to successful relationships. Good luck in our singles chat rooms and we hope you find someone you can make a long-lasting connection with!